Placenta Remedy services are categorised as food businesses; I am registered with Amber Valley Borough Council and I am fully qualified in infection control, food hygiene and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

I have trained as a Placenta Remedies Specialist with IPEN the UK’s leading placenta remedies training provider. I offer services within a 35 mile radius of NG16 4.
I offer simple (raw) encapsulation, Chinese Traditional Medicine inspired steamed capsules, tincture, homeopathic remedy, placenta oil and essence. I also offer placenta prints.

Why choose me?

I provide you with support from the moment you book, through until you finish using the placenta remedies.

I offer a 24hour collection service, to remove the risk of incorrect storage of your placenta.

Included in the price of my service is everything you need to store and chill your placenta safely, ready for my collection.

Your placenta remedies are prepared in a designated work area, outside of my family home, which is has been awarded a Level 5 Food Hygiene rating by Amber Valley Borough Council Environmental Health.

All my capsules are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Your placenta capsules will be returned to you no more than three days after collection of your placenta, ensuring that you see the benefits as soon after birth as is possible.

Receive a 25% discount on all of my placenta remedy services when you book a hypnobirthing course with me.

Benefits of Placenta Remedies

The placenta is a rich source which can support your postnatal recovery. Your placenta also contains hormones, amino acids nutrients and minerals including haemoglobin, oxytocin and prolactin; all of which aid postnatal health.


New Mothers/Birthing People who have taken placenta capsules have reported:

*Increased energy levels and feelings of vitality

*A healthy milk supply, which often arrived sooner

*Reduced bleeding (lochia) after birth

*Avoidance or reduction of PND and/or baby blues

*Decrease in the time taken to lose pregnancy weight 

*Better hormonal balance

*Improved skin hair and nails

For births where meconium is present or you have tested positive for Group B Strep  raw capsules will not be available. In these situations you will receive steamed (TCM inspired) capsules. There are other circumstances that may prevent placenta encapsulation but please contact me to discuss. It is not often that I can’t at least provide you with a placenta print or umbilical cord keepsake. 

Please be aware that I do not accept bookings where the pregnant person has smoked cigarettes during pregnancy. This is because it causes a build up of a harmful substance called Cadmium in the placenta, which makes the placenta unsafe for consumption.