Below we have listed some of the frequently asked questions we receive. We hope you find them helpful. If you have a question that isn’t listed below or you like more information, please feel free to get in touch.

What exactly is a Doula?

The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek word meaning “a woman who serves” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support before, during, and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postnatal period.

Doulas are usually experienced women but are not medically trained and can’t replace the clinical care you’ll get from your midwife or doctor. We provide practical and emotional support. We don’t give advice, but we can help you find balanced information to make informed decision.

Doula’s support women and families in all kinds of situations, wherever and however you want to give birth. The service we offer will vary according to what your needs are.

Why Hire a Doula?

Research shows that the benefits of hiring a doula include:

  • Shorter labours with fewer complications
  • Reduced need for interventions such as forceps, vacuum delivery & caesareans
  • Reduced need for synthetic oxytocin
  • Reduced requests for pain relief
  • Increases confidence of birth partner
  • Increases breastfeeding success
  • Increases the feeling of mental wellbeing

How do I choose the right doula?

If possible you should meet with or chat to more than one doula before making a decision. The right doula for you is the one with whom you feel most comfortable.

What makes me different from other doula's?

Our passion for women! We dream of a world where women feel informed and supported enough to pursue the pregnancy, birth and parenthood that they most desire. We recognise the absolute power of the female body and want to help the rest of the world recognise it too.

We are advocates for improving perinatal mental health: We have put our money where our mouth is, and founded PND Mummies CIC; a social enterprise that supports women with their perinatal mental wellbeing. Profits from our doula work go directly to PND Mummies CIC to help fund ongoing work.

What is my Birth Philosophy?

“… is to provide you with unbiased, evidence based information, that will allow you to make  the informed choices that work best for you.”

Our own experiences, and experiences of those around us, have really highlighted that pregnancy, birth and beyond has become a process, of which women are merely a part of.

Other factors in that process include staffing levels, blindly applied guidelines and a need to achieve government set targets. This isn’t a process that easily lends itself to your pregnancy and birth being the personal, positive experience that you had hoped for.

We feel passionately that all women should understand the choices available to them, rather than just being made to feel that they must follow a predefined path.

What is my Postnatal Philosophy?

“… is to support you, in any way you need, that will allow you to settle in to the role of ‘Mum’ to your new baby/babies.”

Our focus is firmly on you and what you need. We know that all too often, the focus is almost entirely on the new arrival and this can leave a new mum feeling unsure of herself.

We want to empower you to be the best mum you can be, so we focus our role on doing the tasks around you that take up your energy and headspace, so we free you up to spend time with your baby.

We will, of course, provide baby care, if you need time out for whatever reason, but ultimately, we are successful when you no longer need us!

Are you insured?

I am fully insured.

What evidence based research is there that doula’s support better birth outcomes?

In 2013, a Cochrane Database systematic review of 23 individual studies concluded that “all women should have continuous support during labour,” and that trained doulas are the most effective at providing continuous labor support (Hodnett, Gates, Hofmeyr, & Sakala, 2013).


Other studies are listed below: