Doula, Hypnobirthing Teacher and Fertility Coach, working across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

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Meet Nicola

My fertility journey lasted almost 5 years. I experienced recurrent miscarriages. Despite assurances from NHS medical professionals that there was no reason for my ‘bad luck’ I knew instinctively that there was an underlying issue. This was the start of my journey to where I am today; I have the upmost respect for medical professionals BUT they don’t know everything and they are bound by guidelines and risk management considerations.

I soon learnt that the only person in control of my journey was me! I realised that I wasn’t required to accept everything I was told at face value. I began to question and do my own research. I stopped accepting the bare minimum as standard and I asked for second opinions and explanations. I became a solid advocate for myself and the result was a referral to a medical trial where the cause of my miscarriages was discovered. I pushed for an aggressive drug therapy programme which finally resulted in a successful pregnancy. My story had a happy ending; I am a mum of one, to my ‘rainbow baby’ (a baby born after loss). He is a mini-me and keeps me constantly on my toes!

I learnt a lot from this experience and it’s the cornerstone of all the work I do today, supporting women to be their own advocate. Whether that be getting the best possible fertility treatment for their circumstances, ensuring their antenatal care is inline with their choices or supporting their decisions about how and where they birth their baby.

I am a woman’s woman. I believe that we are all Goddesses and should only ever build other women up. I’m always happy to support if someone needs help to find her inner strength and/or voice.

  • Holistic Fertility Coach
  • Birth Doula
  • Postnatal Doula
  • Hypnobirthing Teacher
  • Placenta Encapsulation & Remedies
  • 3-Step Rewind Birth Trauma Recovery
  • Pregnancy After Loss Support
  • Medical Trials During Pregnancy
  • ILM Level 5 Coach
  • BirthBliss Academy trained
  • Doula UK registered
  • IPEN trained
  • PRN registered
  • Fully insured

What I Do

I work to provide you with high quality fertility, birth and postnatal doula services across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, as well as online.

I am passionate about supporting you with your emotional wellbeing. I offer non-judgemental support along with unbiased, evidence-based information, so you can make the best decisions for you, your baby and your family.

“All over the world, there exists in every society, a small group of women who feel themselves strongly attracted to giving care to other women during pregnancy and childbirth. Failure to make use of this group of highly motivated people is regrettable and a sin against the principle of subsidiary.”

~ Dr. Kloosterman, Chief of OB/GYN, Univ. of Amsterdam, Holland


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