Holistic Fertility Specialist

As your Holistic Fertility Specialist I will….

Help you to take back control of your everyday life, whilst supporting your chances of having a baby too
Support your mental health and emotional well-being during your fertility journey
Support you to understand how your emotions are impacting your fertility
Provide proven and practical strategies to support you to manage your emotional wellbeing.

My own infertility journey included recurrent miscarriages caused by ridiculously high levels of nk- cells, which triggered an auto-immune reaction whenever I got pregnant. This always resulted in a missed miscarriage. I was eventually accepted on to a medical trial and achieved a successful pregnancy.

My impaired fertility really impacted my mental health at the time; this moved me towards working with women to support good maternal mental health. I believe that by providing support and wellbeing techniques to women during their infertility journey, we can significantly improve their long term maternal mental health.

I felt that Nicola really heard me and understood why I was finding my infertility so difficult handle. That felt so good to have someone that I just knew 'got it'.

My FERTILITY SPECIALIST package includes

Free 15 minute call

This allows you to ask any questions you may have about the program and how it will work for you.

Fertility Fundamentals

This can be a stand-alone session or your first session if you decide to do the whole 5 part program. We explore the fundamentals of what is going on for you and how impaired fertility is impacting your everyday life. This session is an opportunity for you to have your journey heard by someone that gets it. I will hold space for you to reflect on your current situation and demonstrate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques that will support you as you move forwards on your journey.

This session lasts between 90-120mins and is available via Zoom.

Fertility And Brain

My 'FAB' session looks at how fertility and your brain are linked. By understanding and influencing the way in which your brain works you can support your body to conceive.
This session lasts approx 60mins and is available via Zoom.

The (fertility) Feels

Impaired fertility can trigger all 'the feels', which can spill over in to all aspects of life. During this session we work to identify troublesome feelings and find ways in which you can manage them in a healthy manner.
This session lasts between 60-90mins and is available via Zoom.

Fertility Focus

In this session we work together to get crystal clear on what your desired outcome looks like.
This session lasts approx 60mins and is available via Zoom

Fertility Future

This session is where the magic happens! It's time to step in to your power. You get to decide what feels good for you and begin to plan what the remainder of your journey will look and feel like.This session lasts between 60-90mins and is available via Zoom.


Your investment for fertility support is £95 for the initial Fertility Fundamentals session.
All subsequent sessions are £79 each.
Savings are available if booking all five sessions together. The full programme (Fertility Fundamentals, Fertility and Brain, Fertility Feels, Fertility Focus & Fertility Future) is an investment of £349.00

Fertility Re-Focus*

It's not unusual for unexpected obstacles or unforeseen emotional upheavals to occur on your fertility journey, so this session is available if you feel like you need adhoc support in the future. These sessions will be tailored to your needs at the time.
This session lasts approx 60mins and is available via Zoom.

*These sessions are only available for clients who have previously completed the five session programme. The cost for the re-focus session is £60 per session.

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