Fertility Goddess Fundamentals

Using the Energetic Principles of Fertility to provide holistic fertility support

Who are Fertility Goddess Fundamentals?

Fertility Goddess Fundamentals is a passion project that I have co-founded with Caroline Tanner. We have both experienced difficult fertility journeys and share a deep passion for energy healing and mind-body healing techniques. 

After meeting during a fertility CPD session, we recognised that our shared passion and experience would prove a powerful force in our work to support fertility clients. Our shared belief of an energetic principle to fertility is how Fertility Goddess Fundamentals was born: a unique seven week programme which teaches the importance of linking the mind, body and emotional energy to enhance fertility.

The Seven Fundamentals

The Fertility Goddess Fundamentals are based on the ancient belief of chakras, also known as energy centres, within the body. These energy centres correlate to major internal organs within the body, including reproductive organs. Each energy centre needs to be aligned and balanced to ensure good emotional and physical wellbeing. Adversity and toxic stress can cause chakras to become unbalanced or even blocked, meaning energy cannot flow freely within and through them. This can cause a range of physical, emotional and mental difficulties. In terms of fertility, it can impair the body’s ability to conceive. 

The sacral chakra is a key focus of our work. It is the energy centre located near the uterus, just below the naval. It is the chakra responsible for the reproductive organs; therefore it is important that this energy centre is balanced. During the Fertility Goddess Fundamentals programme, a main focus of the work is to align and balance the sacral chakra, ensuring that the client is living their life with joy, optimism and creating the physical space to welcome their future baby. 

Part of the programme focuses on meridians (meridians are pathways in which energy or ‘qi’ flows between each Chakra and throughout the body). In particular, there is a focus on the important energetic pathway between the sacral and heart chakra. A secure energetic connection between the heart and womb, also known as the ‘heart-womb’ connection is fundamental for conception. It is not enough to just focus on each energy centre in isolation but to understand the importance of the energetic connection between each area of the body, fundamental for conception. 

The Fertility Goddess Fundamentals Programme guides the client to energise and align their chakras, which enables them to achieve the seven fertility fundamentals:

  1. I Am Safe

You feel safe and secure, sending a message to your body that it is safe to get pregnant.

  • I Feel Joy

You live your life with joy and purpose whilst on your journey to conception. 

  • I Am Confident

Your confidence and personal power shines through, knowing that you are enough.

  • I am loved

You know you are loved by many and you allow the world to feel your love. 

  • I speak my truth

You speak your truth to all, releasing its power and unleashing yours. 

  • I see my future

You see your future path as beautiful, knowing that all will be well. 

  • I am aware

You are aware of the energies within and around you and you use this knowledge to protect your journey to conception.  

Once the chakras are balanced and aligned, with energy flowing freely throughout, the seven fertility fundamentals can be achieved and the chances of conception enhanced. 

What is ‘Toxic Stress’?

The brain controls the body based on the cues it receives from emotional reactions. If someone is anxious and stressed, the brain assumes that you are in danger. When the brain senses danger (real or imagined), it triggers the fight/flight/freeze response. This is the body’s automatic, built-in system designed to protect us from threat or danger. 

When the brain recognises danger it turns off non-essential bodily functions and focuses on the priority functions that are needed to get out of danger. 

In these circumstances conception is not considered a priority function! In situations of imminent physical danger, the brain triggers a short, sharp shot of adrenaline. Usually this physical reaction is short lived and once the ‘danger’ has passed, normal life resumes and the body is relatively unaffected. 

The problem comes when there are sustained levels of stress, such as that experienced during infertility.  Constant hypervigilance and anxiety, stemming from tracking your cycle, ovulation testing, surges, drops, timing sex, possible early pregnacy symptoms, periods arriving, periods not arriving, fertility medication, fertility treatments, whether to plan a holiday or wondering whether you’ll be pregnant by Christmas, keep a woman in an almost constant state of low level stress. This is what is meant by ‘toxic stress’. 

Toxic stress causes the brain to continue to produce ‘danger’ signals to the body. Because this type of stress is not short lived, it continues for months, and in some cases, years and means that the brain is operating in survival mode for long periods of time. During this time it sends signals to the body that it may not be safe for you to conceive at this time. Your subconscious will always prioritise your survival and may actually reduce your fertility. 

The Importance of a Fertility Goddess

Every woman is a Goddess in her own right, but the adversity of a difficult fertility journey often leaves a woman questioning her femininity, her worth as a woman without children, and why she cannot do what is societally viewed as ‘natural.’ 

In these instances, feminine energy is often depleted and a masculine energy becomes dominant. Many fertility clients who experience this find themselves feeling ‘stuck’ and develop a shield of protection because they perceive everything as a threat; think of the friend who announces their pregnancy…. you find yourself going out of your way to avoid her because the threat of you being triggered is too high.  

This masculine shield, when dominant, presents as angry, controlling, power driven and defensive. This type of shield can damage relationships, friendships and a woman’s ability to enjoy her life whilst she is trying to conceive. A balance of feminine and masculine energy is required. A Goddess has this balance: she has strength and determination. She is grounded in the face of adversity, yet retains her ability to flow freely through life. A Goddess will honour herself and others with a deep sense of self love and compassion. Every woman who progresses through the Fertility Goddess Fundamental programme graduates as a Goddess! 

A Unique Approach to Fertility and Mindset

The Fertility Goddess Fundamentals programme is unique: not only does it work to support and guide you on your fertility journey but it supports the natural healing ability of the body. It is supported by research that shows people have the ability to ‘think themselves well’. This isn’t to say that we don’t ever need medical intervention but the power we have within us to heal is immense and can be tapped into. This type of healing has become lost in the modern Western World. We use this powerful method as a cornerstone of our programme, guiding the client through their own healing, often being described as ‘life changing!’ Research by Harvard University shows that a mind-body programme can double the chances of conception. 

The Fertility Goddess Fundamentals seven week programme is a safe space, in a group setting, for like-minded women. Toxic stress, adverse adult experiences and trauma connected to infertility can be explored to promote healing. The programme will support each client to align and balance their energy centres, reduce their stress response, calm their nervous system and in turn, enhance their chances of conception. Clients will walk away from the programme with a renewed sense of hope, an increased essence of who they are and where they belong in the world. 

We have created an online community for likeminded women where we provide lots of information and support. You are welcome to come and join us.

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